About us


iMvula Roads and Civils is a subsidiary of the iMvula Empowerment Group, a black-owned enterprise that comprises of a dynamic team of South Africans who have joined forces to establish a diverse group of companies. Each iMvula subsidiary is committed to empowerment, delivering not only new infrastructure, but also training, development and opportunities to communities all over the country.
iMvula Roads and Civils has an experienced team of individuals to manage projects successfully to the highest standard of workmanship and to the satisfaction of our clients. Our careful quality control means that each and every project is delivered on time while being consistently high-quality.


Here at iMvula, we make major investments in our Corporate Social Performance (CSP) – we go above and beyond to bring meaningful change and opportunities to the communities we work in.
One of our main projects is our partnership with Lerato House, an empowerment project in the Pretoria that is part of the Tshwane Leadership Foundation. Beginning in 1993, the project now includes seven programmes that involve elements of care, development and justice work for vulnerable girls and young women in the capital. Lerato House empowers over 700 girls a year, making it a comprehensive and far-reaching programme that is truly working for good.
iMvula is proud to be a partner with Lerato House, bringing new opportunities to girls who have been abused, are destitute or have been victims of human trafficking or prostitution. We also offer our support to Child Welfare Tshwane, which brings hope to children in need in communities throughout Pretoria.
The organisation has worked for almost a century to provide a place of safety for children, their parents and orphans who have faced adversity and tragic circumstances. Child Welfare Tshwane regularly provides counselling and empowerment opportunities to those who have faced drug and alcohol abuse, grown up in abusive households or lived in extreme poverty and are vulnerable.
Child Welfare Tshwane continuously runs programmes that are in need of assistance or support, and iMvula has stepped in to be part of the group of companies that are making those programmes a viable reality.


As part of our commitments to empower the communities in which we work, and to reinforce our excellent standing as a responsible company compliant with B-BBEE codes, we invest heavily in training and skills development programmes around the country. Our comprehensive training approach begins with identifying critically-needed skills in the communities in which we work, actively engaging with residents of the regions in which we are tasked with developing the roads and civil infrastructure. We then partner with relevant organisations which can carry out the training to the highest possible standards, ensuring that communities receive meaningful skills and development training. Our B-BBEE targets have been met on all fronts, with our current rating being that we are a Level 1 B-BBEE contributor, making us a very empowerment-focussed company that is committed to transformation and equitable economic development.